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IMMUNE Tea for immunity!

An ancient herbal tea dating back centuries. One of many which has survived to today because historically it has been so effective in prevention of respiratory tract infection and keeping body's immune defense strong. Ideal preventive remedy for individuals with weak protective qi (wei qi) who frequently contract common colds and influenza.

*A modification of this tea - raw herb tea, since it's more potent than powder - is currently being administered as a mandatory preventive to all medical staff exposed to and treating COVID-19 patients at integrative hospitals in China.

This elegantly composed formula has a unique check and balance: Siler prevents retention of pathogenic factors trapped by tonifying herb, Astragalus. Astragalus strengthens defensive qi and increases the body's defense against pathogenic factors. Atractylodes assists Astragalus in strengthening defensive qi to stop spontaneous sweating. Jujube and Ginger** aid in digestion and assimilation while further harmonizing immunoprotective effects other herbs in this formula.

**Fresh ginger not included with raw herb option. You'll need to purchase 50gm (2-3 inch knob) at your local market.

COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: are included with your order and involve a simple 2 minute prep time.

DIRECTIONS: drink warm tea daily for 7-14 days during cold/ flu season, when feeling depleted and susceptible, or prior to travel .

INGREDIENTS: Astragalus (organic), Atractylodes (organic), Siler (organic), Jujube (organic).

SIZE: Packet - each packet contains herbs to make 3 days supply of tea. Powder extract - 50 gm will last 5 days; 100gm will last 11 days.

POWDER* EXTRACT 5:1 concentration (not organic): convenient option if traveling or too busy for cooking tea. Dissolve 3 grams in warm water and take 3 times per day (1 gram spoon will be included with your order). *Allergen warning: powder extract contains corn starch as binder

Do not use if experiencing full blown symptoms of cold or flu.
Do not use if experiencing night sweats.
Stop taking if experiencing mild dry mouth

HERB QUALITY: Oessencials prides itself on sustainability, freshness and quality of herbs - sourcing only the best of the best. Herbs are pesticide-free, unsulfured, and most are organic and wild. They are sourced from only reputable companies who perform the most rigorous testing in the industry, screening for over 373-399 different types of pesticides and aflatoxins. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.